Getting Involved

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2. Praying with the MGs

3. Applying to join:                                                                                                    


Those who feel called to be more involved in the MGs can register as a supporter (financial, prayer or otherwise) or apply to join as a candidate. Candidates embark upon a 12 month program of formation and fellowship. The formation involves learning about the charism and spirituality of St. JPII, getting to know the other candidates and members and where possible- getting involved in the work of the MGs. It also serves as a period for the person and the community to discern whether the person is called to enter the community and begin their formation in a more formal capacity. If you are interested please email your letter of interest (including reasons why you are applying) to or post it to PO Box 8171 Perth Business Center WA 6849.


If upon completion of candidacy, a person feels called to enter the MGs (as a lay or consecrated member), they would then write a letter to the MGs asking to enter. They will be sent an application form and information about the application process.


To enter as a lay person you do not have to be Catholic. But you must at least be in your 18th year. If you are seeking to enter formation hoping to become a JPII Sister, Brother or Priest you must be a practicing Catholic, be fluent in English and be between 18-35 years of age. Unless you are a diocesan priest and the last criteria does not apply. For both the lay and consecrated arms of the community, you cannot be a member of another formal community/institution in the Church and must be prepared to live according to the rule of life appropriate to your state of life.