MGs hit the streets

Five of the members of the MGs hit the streets last month to film certain clips that would illustrate JPII’s teaching on human dignity. In true JPII form, they put on their acting roles and dressed accordingly. The goth-punk-emo-teen, person who was indigent, the rich yuppie lawyer and a bimbo, brought to life what it meant to have dignity and respond appropriately. The footage was then edited and used in a presentation given to the 13 candidates as part of the formation they are receiving with the MGs. The acting is not just a great experience for the candidates, it is a great aid to helping members of the community learn. St. Pope John Paul II emphasized that theoria must always be accompanied by praxis- it is not enough to know truth, the subject must integrate what is learned, must build his interior life based on that truth (c.f. JPII, Sources of Renewal, part 3).