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Helping people encounter Christ and His Good News in a personal way; to integrate the Gospel into their daily lives (bringing to fulfillment their great dignity) and participating more fully in the communion of the Holy Trinity. (c.f. RH 32)


Youth inspired by St. JPIIs teaching on human love

A series of talks on St. JPII's book 'Love and Responsibility' leaves an impression on participants struggling to understand and live the Churches great vision of human dignity, sexuality and relationships.

MGs hit the streets

Five of the members of the MGs hit the streets recently to make a short film that would illustrate JPII’s teaching on human dignity.

MGs Embrace the Grace

The Perth MGs were blessed to help out with the last Embrace the Grace Youth Conference.

One person can make a big difference

At 11 years of age, Felicity organised a cake sale to raise $120 for the MGs. The cakes sold within minutes. But what was more inspiring was Felicity's witness of generosity, love and hospitality.

When we sing we pray twice

These words of St Augustine rang true as Chris Ricketts (far right) performed with the Master Singers of Virginia in their Spring Concert Series. They performed 20th century compositions and modern choral works. With him, are fellow MG candidates- his wife Laura and Ralph.